Counselor Information






Dear Counselor,

The Maisin Scholar Award has provided support for hundreds of San Francisco Unified School District students in their pursuit of higher education. Annually, 75 SFUSD seniors receive scholarships which are renewable for up to four years. We are eager to partner with you to identify students from your school who would benefit most from this scholarship, and be great candidates.

Seniors who apply for the Maisin Scholarship will need your assistance to upload their transcripts to our online application, which is due the first Friday in March. If you would like to schedule a presentation at your school or organization to learn more about the Maisin Scholar Award with your seniors, please contact us to arrange an available date. Thank you for your support. We look forward to your students being among the Maisin Scholar Award recipients in this coming year! They may also come to you for a letter of recommendation, which is required. Please be sure to discuss how these students have demonstrated their ambition to pursue their educational goals, and exhibited their resolve to overcome challenging circumstances.

Please feel free to print out additional informational material on our program to provide your students with.

Maisin Brochure

Maisin Flyer

Maisin Poster